​​​  ​ F R A N K I E
​     FALCON

​​​Handmade in England​​
​Frankie Falcon is named after Frank Berkovitch, a tailor who served in the Special Forces in WWII. His love of his trade and passion for fine materials was passed on to his son Tony who has worked for over 40 years developing and sourcing textiles throughout the World for the luxury bag and accessories industry.

Tony's experience is rivaled only by his craftsmanship. He personally chooses all materials and oversees the making of all of our products. All of our bags are made by hand.

​We work with experts in the fields for which we make our bags, including photographers, outdoor sportspersons and travellers.

Our materials are sourced in England and Italy. Known for the high quality of textiles, our canvases, leathers, threads and fittings are selected not only for their high quality, but also for their strength, resistance to the elements and the protection they provide to equipment.

Our materials undergo extensive testing and are used rigorously in the field.

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Contact Us
We aim to produce the best possible bags and carry cases by collaborating with people who are experts in their fields. 

All of our bags are made by hand and are used Worldwide by travellers, journalists, photographers & outdoor sportspeople.

If you have an idea or want to work with us to develop products for your pursuits, then please get in touch.


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